Iron Ore
SEPL has tied up with mines in Jharkhand and Orissa for Iron Ore supplies with stock-yards in Paradip, Haldia and Visakhapatnam on the east coast and Surat, Kandla & Mangalore on the west coast. Core Minerals – Meeting the demands of the world market. The company exports iron ore fines to countries across the world, China being the one that absorbs the largest quantum. Over 300 professionals man the various operations, as hi-tech equipment churn out 4000 metric tons of iron ore every day, which are readied for shipment by means of self-reliant logistic support Core Minerals also has exclusive access to other coal producers in Indonesia and South Africa.

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  • Uses Of Iron Ore
  • Iron ore is mainly used for making pig iron, sponge iron and steel. World’s largest manufactured products from Iron and Steel and each of them have presence into every branch of industry, for our modern civilization Iron and Steel are most important Metals. It is widely used in the construction of modern structures for building, bridges, roads, railways, and other infrastructure such as stadiums, skyscrapers, airports. Steel is available in all concrete structures in form reinforcing. Major construction materials such as bolts, nails, screws and common applications including shipbuilding, pipeline, transport, mining, offshore platform construction, aviation, heavy earth moving equipment, office furniture, steel wool, tools, and armour in the form of personal vests or vehicle armour where Iron and Steel available.

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