Agro Commodity

The Company is engaged in the business of Trading, Merchandising, Import and Export of Commodities. The core area of the Company consists of Agro Based Commodities, Minerals & Mined products, Petroleum products. Company commenced operations from July 2009 as a private limited company exporting Small Wind Turbines & Solar Modules. India is one of the world’s largest food grains producers, the second largest vegetable producer and rice producer, what makes India world’s agricultural powerhouses. In last decade the agro commodity trade sustained rise coupled with robust economic growth worldwide. SEPL management has seen number of opportunities in agro commodity trade and entered into export – import of agro commodity. In India the agricultural production is likely to increase in coming years which will drive the industry towards large scale investment in to food industry and related logistic, warehousing, management and processing industries also. SEPL has its presence in every aspect of trade of bulk agro commodities from importing, selling domestically, to exporting and doing third country trade / High Sea Sales. Over the years Company expanded exports business into different products. We are engaged into arena of merchandising, exports & imports of various commodities like Red Split Lentils, Onions, Peanuts, Peanuts in shell, Brass items, Sugar, Wheat Flour, Soya Bean Meal, Rape Seed Meal, Chilly, Jaggary, Watermelon, Sesame, Seeds, Maize, Sun Flower Meal, Rice, Chick Peas, Yellow Split Lentel, Seasame Seed Meal, Castor Seed Meal, Castor, etc. SEPL is increasing its market share in domestic & International markets every year and having strong business plans as well dedicated team to achieve the goals and targets. The Agro Commodity is directly connected with FARMERS to whom we says SON OF LAND in INDIA and it our duty to make profits and pass the benefits of trade to the end consumers as well SON OF LAND who is putting their heart and soul to increase the production.

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