We believe that if something's worth doing then it's worth doing right. Our values of building respect, nurturing relationships and acting responsibly are at the core of all that we do and inform how we work.
      • Building Respect – We act with respect for people, their communities, the environment, human rights and the law.
      • Nurturing Relationships – We act honestly, transparently and with integrity to develop strong, lasting relationships with all our stakeholders
      • Acting Responsibly – We behave fairly, ethically and are accountable for our actions. We believe in, and act on, our responsibility to care for people, society and the environment.
Our business principles are built on these values. They state how we will manage our business in accordance with our policies and set goals for our behavior.
People are our most important asset for any organization and helping them to develop their skills and abilities ensures we continue to work towards our goals.
We encourage them to realize their potential and provide them better platform to develop their skills with a supportive workplace in which diversity and equality are respected and valued.
The health and safety of our people is also vitally important to us. Throughout our global activities we ensure our people have a healthy, safe and secure workplace which is our main goal towards our people.
Wherever we work, we aim to develop long-term partnerships with local communities and work with them where possible to develop sustainable economic, social and environmental initiatives. We encourage local people to contribute to, and benefit from, our projects and believe that by working together we can succeed together. The benefits from our operations can include: energy, infrastructure, employment and trade with local enterprises.
Before operating in any new area, we carry out Social Impact Assessments (SIAs) to identify, manage and mitigate any potential impacts of our activities