We are constantly striving to develop manufacturing / processing units and bring about industry-wide improvements in sustainability
SEPL’s operating philosophy is to protect and improve the environment in which we work and live and it’s our deep commitment to sustainable development with safe technology based productions. 
Greener growth with innovation is the motto of SEPL and it believes that there is no room for complacency, which is why, its dedicated team constantly striving for sustainable development with greener growth. 
SEPL is committed to support long term economic growth in the regions where we work. By this way we provide best opportunities to local businesses to supply and work at our projects. Under our own corporate responsibility agenda we help the local businesses to develop ethical policies and procedures that fit with our policies and procedures. 
Our mission and vision is the reflection of our approach to sustainable investment strategy. We create values and provide an essential source of energy, at the same time safeguard people, the environment, and respect as well contribute to the communities. 
Our commitment is to improve lives of our people, communities in which we work through the integration of economic prosperity, social development and environmental protection.
We look to develop sustainable value in our industry and operations, nurturing the talent of our people and building strong, open and lasting relationships with all our clients and stakeholders.
We are committed to forming partnerships that discover hidden value and bring transformational benefits to countries and communities.
We have a diversified but focused portfolio, in contrast to large multinational companies which often have interests in hundreds of countries. These factors mean we are flexible and can move quickly.
The benefits we can bring to countries and communities include energy, infrastructure, improved healthcare, employment and trade with local enterprises.