Sepl at a glance
SAKET ENERGY PRIVATE LIMITED founded by Mr.Kiran Purohit in July 2009. The flagship company has started its journey from the City of Surat which is economic hub as well as coastal city of Gujarat the one of fastest growing and model state situated in the western part of India. 
The city of Surat itself a second name of growth it is known for TEXTILE INDUSTRY ONE OF WORLD’s BIGGEST TEXTILE HUB, DIAMOND INDUSTRY ONE OF WORLD’s BIGGEST DIAMOND HUB and also a well equipped coastal city having port which is putting the city in front raw for exports and imports and heavy industrial development. India’s one of Largest Industrial Estate “HAZIRA HEAVY INDUSTRIAL ESTATE” in Surat only.
India’s economical hub Mumbai is only 250 KM from Surat and hardly 4 hours road drive as well it is well connected with trains and main station of Ahmedabad – Mumbai as well Mumbai – Delhi train route.
With strong fundamentals, system integration management skill and proper utilization of available resources in most optimum manger and dedicated efforts to improve the performance standard has put the group on different dimensions in short span of time.
As a company, we are committed to our promise of ‘transforming tomorrow’. Guiding us in this are our values of sustainability, integrity, teamwork leadership outstanding quality and services to the customers.
SEPL with its significant global contact can use its size and worldwide reach to optimize services across the company, while also enjoying the benefits of using economies of scale. At the same time, we have a commitment to ensuring different parts of the business are empowered to make decisions, ensuring accountability at the right level within the company.
Our shared services include purchasing, energy, shipping, IT, legal, and real estate and by-products sales, our team work to make sure best practice is followed throughout the group, while also sharing local good practices with the entire organization.
We believe that a small and effective organization is essential to making sure the company is managed as efficiently as possible.