Our commitments
SEPL management believes in strong commitments towards own people and communities.
  • Growth
  • Quality
  • Research & Development
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Human Resource Development
  • Energy Conservation
  • Corporate Citizenship
SEPL believes that any business can be ethical only when nine core values Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Fairness, Purposefulness, Trust, Responsibility, Citizenship and Caring taken care by the organization. 
When each employee put their personal interest aside and works with whole heart, soul and integrity to develop the organization in compliance with applicable law which is the real essence of commitments.
We respect the values and do not lose the sight under any circumstances to reach the goal which we have to achieve. To us, the means are as important as the ends.
          • SEPL has appointed health center to carry out periodic medical checkups as well as other routine preventive services for own people/staff. Health education and awareness program is an integral part of our health care program.
          • The safety of employee is the most important for any organization and we believe that the safety of each employee is the responsibility of the individual as well as of the whole community of employees.
         • SEPL provides a clean environment in and around the workplace to foster health and prosperity for the individual, the group and the larger community to which they belong. We care about environment and its protection is an integral part of the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of all our projects.
        • SEPL proactively promotes professional as well as personal growth. At SEPL there is freedom to explore and learn; and there are opportunities that inspire initiative and intrinsic motivation. We believe in dreams as it is the only fuel in the world for development and people must dream to achieve, and these dreams will drive the company's excellence in all its businesses. SEPL encourages employee to reach his/her full potential and by providing opportunities that arise across the group.  
          • As corporate citizens, we invest in social infrastructure, believing strongly that our business strength fuels our social contributions. SEPL has its plans to encourage education, health, human capital and infrastructure initiatives. SEPL has its planning of partnerships with NGOs, Corporate, Trusts, and Societies for these developments.