Our Approach
Our aim is to discover, develop and deliver value from our business and people for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
We are an established independent diversified company with 5 years track record of delivering transformational value for all our clients and stakeholders.
We are fervent about enriching people's lives through business & industry development. For us, this includes nurturing the talent of our staff, developing safe, healthy and protecting work environment as well supporting strong, vibrant communities.
SEPL is a dynamic, entrepreneurial company, our agility and ability to forge strong, open and lasting relationships are essential to our success.
SEPL management knows how to balance the financial growth, work environment and communities where we operate.
With our vast experience we reduce any potentially negative impacts on our project operations may have but also generate positive vibes and sustain values.
Whatever we do we follow the 3R method.
R - Respect
R- Relationships
R - Responsibility. 
These values inform our day-to-day business activities and are promoted to staff, partners, contractors and communities.
SEPL believes that no dream is big and no mission is impossible and with vision we aim to be pioneers within a balanced portfolio.
To achieve sustainable growth with outstanding quality, service and value to the customers & to win their enthusiasm through continuous improvement driven by the our core values, integrity, teamwork, and innovation, building up an abiding trust and wins their loyalty through our unfailing services besides becoming a responsible global citizen that makes us difference. 
We work in with governments, private partners, joint venture associates, communities and suppliers to deliver value for all our stakeholders. 
To accelerate our projects we use either balance sheet cash or operating cash flow to create, add and realize value within a self funding business.
Our business program is focused on frontier opportunities with suitable equity levels which reflect the company's size in the Indian and global basins. This frontier opportunity strategy is underpinned by our non-operated mature business and development projects in the identified areas which will provide growth and income in the medium term to fund future expansion.
We have a consistent record of returning capital to stakeholders. The SEPL’s philosophy is about creating, then realizing value – and then growing the business once again.
We are passionate, driven and determined. We believe in change, team work and encourage collaboration in all that we do. Our qualities, along with skill, stamina and ability to combine techno – commercial expertise is essential to the business. 
To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects in to diversified business. 
Execute and operate projects in a cost effective, environment friendly and Socio-economically responsive manner. 
Foster competent trained and multi-disciplinary human capital. 
To continually develop state-of-the-art technologies thru innovative R&D and adopt best practices. 
To adopt the best practices of corporate governance and institutionalize value based management for a strong corporate identity. 
Maximize creation of wealth through generation of internal funds and effective management of resource.
About SEPL (Vision) 
Our vision is to create and develop diversified and sustainable cash generative business for our stake holders & share holders. 
Develop the diversified & transnational organization with strong environment conscience and sustainable cash generation.
To maximize client satisfaction adroitly adhering to prescribed performance standards by developing motivated work force and State of Art technology in all our ventures to become front line Company in to particular segment.