Through innovative thinking, we aim to improve our performance, increase sustainability and find solutions to global problems.
Innovation permeates everything we do at SEPL: from the scientific expertise of our research and development (R&D) department to getting employees in other functions throughout the group to think about what they could do differently.
“Innovation means change and adaptation... [It] is about bringing fresh thinking and a new perspective to everything we do. It is about challenging conventional wisdom and finding creative solutions.”
Lakshmi Mittal, CEO, ArcelorMittal
Our innovative thinking leads to improved performance, increased sustainability and solutions to global challenges. Here are a few of our innovation highlights.
For those who study innovative organizations SAKET ENERGY PVT will be a shining example of how innovation is practiced in almost everything that they do.
Here are few things that set them apart:
      • Impossible itself an inspiration
      • Planning ahead of time
      • Create Goals
      • Identify the opportunity and pursue it with right decision on time.
      • Stay Focused & Achieve More
      • Sense the urgency and Respond More Quickly with action plan 
      • Hands on thinking, hands off execution.
      • First time it is learning. Second time it is a mistake.
      • Think. Anticipate. Be prepared.
      • Dreams and Vision are the most potent fuels in the world.
      • Different measurement for Success
      • Asking the right questions.
Today SEPL is achieving success because of innovation in thinking and execution. SEPL’s own ambitions for country and its own organization, own people and community now leadership of SEPL has taken a step ahead to improve its innovations by creating new division. This division will collect feedback from company’s suppliers, clients and other online visitors and filter the innovative ideas to provide better service and quality product.
According to SEPL leadership innovation would be language, the behavior definer, culture and soul of company in future. Innovation is life of any industry and what we are today its result of continuous innovation.
To serve SEPL’s innovative panel, SEPL is planning to set up SEPL Leadership Centre in Outskirts of Mumbai. This centre will work for implementation of agenda of SEPL which is based on following elements.
     • Build innovation team leaders for today and tomorrow within company
     • Enhance infrastructure for best and next transformational innovative practices to develop company’s business globally.
     • Identify new business opportunities based on emerging and disruptive technology and develop the business.
     • Strategic planning to deploy corporate venture capital funds, bank funds, other investments from private investors to maximize company’s value.