In SANSKRIT the ancient language of India, SAKET means heaven, thus a place where God resides. SAKET can be alternatively used for heaven or Vaikunth in Hindu mythology, where liberated souls dwell. In some texts, SAKET is mentioned as the ancient name of the city of Ayodhya, an important Hindu religious place, said to be the birthplace of Lord Ram, the hero of epic Ramayan. Some mythology also prevailing where, some says SAKET the one name of Hindu God Lord Krishna.

When used as a name SAKET is usually spelled as "SAKET". Many sources claim that "SAKET" means an ambitious personality, who likes striving towards a goal by themselves.

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We are having our interests in trading of agro commodities, ferrous & non-ferrous minerals & raw materials; PVC & FRP base plastic goods, Steel, cement, Textiles, and other allied products in domestic & international markets. 

We have different divisions and companies under our group with strong establishment and presence in all allied fields ranging from mining to logistics and manufacturing. 

We are situated in western part of country in coastal city of Surat, State of Gujarat which is known as a state of entrepreneurs. Our presence in the economic heart of state and Global hotspot of Greenfield investments gives us the leverage to serve all customers small or big inside India or outside. 

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