Development & Performance
We have a proven track record of creating and delivering value through our dedicated team and supply chain.
Producing assets are an important part of a well-balanced company and development portfolio.
We realize value in development assets by choosing to sell an interest and return cash to shareholders or by choosing to develop an asset, either ourselves or with a partner.
We work with our partners to take our assets from discovery to development safely. SEPL’s quick decision making, agility, emphasis on safety and the ability to form strong and lasting relationships has benefitted not only the business but all stakeholders.
These developments demonstrate SEPL’s ability to safely, quickly and successfully deliver complex, large-scale industrial developments and capability to manage unique operational challenges such as working in an environment with extreme temperatures and operating in a remote location with limited infrastructure.
SEPL believes in delivering on its priorities, creating a business offering multiple opportunities for growth within a coherent business strategy and a sustainable business model.
We create and realize value for stakeholders by generating material growth from a balanced portfolio.
       • Setting ourselves clear strategic objectives
       • Our business model
       • Achieving our benchmarks
       • Managing appropriate risks 
       • To deliver strategic goal of positioning the company for future growth. 
       • Deliver a sustainable business
       • Focus on Exports & Imports, Setting up new Manufacturing Units in northern and southern part of country.
       • Progress development SBU (Separate Business Units) successfully to transform discovered resource to reserves and cash flow generation
Maintain a balanced portfolio
       • Hold a focused, balanced business portfolio
       • Have appropriate exposure to growth potential in new markets.
       • Maintain a strong balance sheet and financial flexibility